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ProActive Coach(formerly known as iCoach) is part of a National Coach Management System that is used to support coaches in all areas of their work from coaching professionals to those who are just beginning on their coaching pathway.


Registering as a ProActive Coach in Dorset couldn’t be easier and will enable you to:

  • Create your own personal coaching profile

  • Get direct access to coach education courses

  • Validate your coaching qualifications

  • Source funding

  • Receive regular information on coaching opportunities


Furthermore, by registering as a ProActive Coach in Dorset, you can help us:

  • Map the current coaching being done in Dorset

  • Establish training needs for coaches in Dorset

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Benefits of registering your ProActive Coaches as an organisation:

  • Post opportunities
  • Send targeted advertisements to our database of ‘ProActive Coaches’
  • Find out more about coaching
  • Receive the latest news and information from the work of coaching


Buy an affiliate package of ‘ProActive Coaches’ as an organisation and be able to:

  • Manage your coaches effectively
  • Validate your own coaches qualifications
  • Manage events and courses for your coaches
  • Have your own ‘ProActive Coach’ system

For more information on affiliate packages contact Clive Nelson:

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